MOLLY & BLOSSOM Together- Special Plea-Adopted TOGETHER


These sweet cats have lived together for 10 years, & Last Hope would like to keep it that way.

The girls came to Last Hope Wantagh in March after their owner died. MOLLY & BLOSSOM are quite bonded, extremely loving to people & accustomed to living with other cats & dogs.

Each cat is unique in a different way. They were found as kittens in their late owner’s backyard.

MOLLY was born with a front paw deformity. Her paws are bent back & she walks on the bone. She has compensated well & can climb up on furniture.

BLOSSOM is a stunning, possibly Ragdoll mix with teal eyes, a tabby forehead & tail and Monet -style brown splotches all over her body.

The girls love attention. It’s as if you can hear “Can’t You Feel the Love Tonight?” from the Lion King while you’re petting them.

We are on the search for someone who will open their heart & home to BOTH mature & vibrant cats..


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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