BADGE- male Setter/Cur-Adopted

BELIEVE in BADGER because BADGER BELIEVES…. BADGER Believes he traveled on an 18 hour rescue transport van from Georgia for a reason. BADGER Believes at Last Hope many Volunteers are Nearby to meet, greet & treat him kindly . And … Continue reading →

MOLLY- female Beagle-Adopted

MEET MOLLY This sweet puppy gal is 1.5 years old & 24 pounds . MOLLY seems to be the perfect Beagle package ready to step into a loving family. Young, sweet, petite!

SALLY- female 5 year old Beagle- Adopted

  Silly SALLY is begging for a Home. Has her pose gotten through to YOU? SALLY is a 5 yr old Beagle who does well with kids, but doesn’t like all other dogs. SALLY knows there is a perfect home … Continue reading →

LUCINDA-female Aussie mix-Has a Foster-to-Adopt Home

LUCINDA wants her Texas Cinderella Story to conclude like a Fairy Tale. She is the mother of LILLY an injured puppy who came to Last Hope from the same dangerous section of Dallas several weeks ago. We promised we’d take … Continue reading →

SKIPPY (bonded with Nutella)- Adopted

Please Don’t Skip SKIPPY During Your Kitten Search SKIPPY & his brother NUTELLA are 6 months old. Both have the look of Russian Blue kittens. They were recently rescued at a feral cat colony, and found to be friendly. So … Continue reading →

HAGRID- male Beagle mix-ADOPTED

Say Hello to HAGRID, a Happy Hound. This whimsical “Harry Potter” Beagle from Kentucky will enchant YOU. He’s only 1 year old, & tips the scales at 36 pounds. HAGRID would like to thank each each person for welcoming him … Continue reading →

LETTY- female American Foxhound mix-Adopted

The name LETTY for this skinny Foxhound mix is an ” intentional” coincidence. She was named after Last Hope’s dog coordinator on purpose. She comes from a county in Kentucky notorious for dumping emaciated hunting hounds if their hunting skills … Continue reading →

GYPSY- female Husky/Shepherd-Adopted

GORGEOUS GYPSY from GEORGIA. She is 1 year old & 45 pounds…a red Husky/Shepherd with hazel eyes. Here is what her Georgia shelter friends say about her: “We also have this sweet girl that was returned from her foster yesterday … Continue reading →


Alexander arrived at Last Hope quite a bit differently than our other cats: he was left in a diaper box that was taped shut. Alex is approximately 11-12 years old. He can definitely be a handful at times.  He has … Continue reading →

BELLA-female Shepherd mix with Blue Eyes-Adopted

BELLA & Her Baby Blues are Looking at YOU BELLA is a beautiful, inside & out, Shepherd, & perhaps Husky, from a crowded Kentucky shelter. She is mid-size, and only a year old. BELLA is a tad timid, but sparkles … Continue reading →

JEWELS- Adopted

JEWELS is a Precious Kitty. At 12 weeks old JEWELS was rescued off the ramp of a road in Bellport, and nurtured back to tip-top health. Now She is a Beautiful & Extremely Friendly 5 month old kitten seeking a … Continue reading →

GRACE- Adopted

This is GRACE. Isn’t She Gorgeous? She is a semi-longhaired dark calico with a golden face. GRACE is 1-2 year old, and was rescued in West Hempstead. Grace is very gentle and timid. She enjoys being pet on her head … Continue reading →

DROOPY- female Beagle with sad story-ADOPTED

DROOPY Really Needs a Beagle Lover She has such a sad story to tell. She is an 8-9 year old Beagle. On a recent visit to a vet, her former Long Island owners were told she needed a dental. She … Continue reading →

BROOKLYN-petite female Siberian Husky-Adopted

BROOKLYN’s Name is a Conundrum How did a female Husky found as a stray in Texas wind up with the name of the Coney Island borough? Furgetaboutit! Let’s move on… BROOKLYN is a petite Husky about 5 yr old . … Continue reading →

COLLIN -male English Bulldog/Beagle & REILLY male Beagle mix- son & father-Adopted

A Special Dog Duo- COLLIN & REILLY-Son & his Dad-Special Request These sweet dogs have been through so much sadness & turmoil. We would like to place them together. They belonged to a 49-year-old woman with a doctorate in education … Continue reading →

CLYDE- male Beagle-ADOPTED

  CLYDE Has Something to Confide: Of course, he hopes a Beagle-Lover will notice him & race to a computer to send Last Hope an online application seeking to adopt him. But CLYDE also wants you to look at his … Continue reading →

CALLIE MAE- female Lab mix- Adopted

  CALLIE MAE asks: “May I Live with YOU? What a Difference TLC Makes…. She is such a HAPPY DOG after lots of Love & Attention from Last Hope Volunteers. CALLIE MAE smiles, plays ball, tries to be a lap … Continue reading →

JOLLY – female Beagle mix-Adopted

We want JOLLY to be Jolly. She needs a FOREVER Home with at least one other dog in the household. JOLLY is one of the 80 dogs seized from horrific, hoarder property in Kentucky in June. Some were confined to … Continue reading →

MORK- male big Chihuahua mix-Adopted

Meet MORK: He’s a 3 yr old (relatively big) Chihuahua mix, originally an owner turn-in to Hempstead Town Shelter. MORK is a sweet boy, who tends to bark at other dogs going by. He’d do best in a one pet … Continue reading →

Razzle- Adopted

RAZZLE will DAZZLE you. If you take the time to talk to her. She came to Last Hope Wantagh as a shy, but friendly tabby trapped for TNR at a Wading River cat colony. She was too sociable to go … Continue reading →

SEYMOUR FRECKLES- male lemon Beagle- Adopted

  SEYMOUR FRECKLES would love to “See More Family”. He’s a 7 year old lemon* Beagle who arrived recently from Bowling Green Shelter in Kentucky. We are beginning to think rural Kentucky is the “Abandoned Beagle Capital of the World”. … Continue reading →

Kitten- polydactyl-ADOPTED

Kitten and her sister Puppy (yes, Puppy is a kitten too!) were born in April 2019. Kitten, a gorgeous gray and white polydactyl (extra toes!) tabby, and Puppy, a classic tuxedo, were found under some bushes by a store in … Continue reading →


Darling Bernadette and her sister Amy were born around 4/6/19, and found in Uniondale. Lovely Bernadette is a classic gray tabby DSH. She is playful and friendly and would love to be your new best friend. Come meet lovely Bernadette … Continue reading →

HARRY-scruffy Terrier/Standard Schnauzer-ADOPTED

HARRY Wants to Be Your Best Furry Friend. Bet You Never Met a Dog with a Hairdo That Fits into the Cast of “Beetlejuice”‘ HARRY is at Last Hope from Brookhaven Town Shelter. He is a cute, scruffy Terrier mix … Continue reading →


ARIANA…. Waiting Patiently at the Wantagh Adoption Center to Be Noticed & Wanted.. ARIANA just turned a year old, and has never had a home. She was trapped in Sayville as an older kitten- at 9 months old. She is … Continue reading →

Karen- Beagle mix puppy-Adopted

KAREN … Needs Someone to Care About Her FOREVER…. She is the cutest & sweetest 3 month old…and only 12 lb.- Beagle blend puppy this side of the Rio Grande. (We’re allowed to exaggerate a tad on the website. Right?) … Continue reading →


SPECIAL ADOPTION PLEA: Meet MITZI & BROWNIE .. These sweet dogs have lived together for 8 years, & Last Hope would like to keep it that way. MITZI a Lab/Hound & her “sister” BROWNIE a Lab mix were in the … Continue reading →

RHONDA-Cattle Dog/Corgi-Adopted

HELP, RHONDA… HELP, HELP, RHONDA. Get her out of the shelter! Well, this is not quite a Beach Boys song. RHONDA  is  a young, energetic gal with the coloring, strength & smarts of a Cattle Dog and the physique of … Continue reading →

MOLLY & BLOSSOM Together- Special Plea-Adopted TOGETHER

SPECIAL ADOPTION PLEA: Meet MOLLY & BLOSSOM .. These sweet cats have lived together for 10 years, & Last Hope would like to keep it that way. The girls came to Last Hope Wantagh in March after their owner died. … Continue reading →

HENRY- purebred Bluetick Coonhound- Adopted

HENRY a 1 yr purebred Bluetick Coonhound is from Kentucky- a handsome Hound- still a goofy puppy- waiting to be molded into a model K9 citizen. He is enthusiastic & friendly. Needs a home with kids over 13 because he … Continue reading →

Conner- Beagle mix puppy-Adopted

CONNER: This cute 6 month old leggy & brindle Beagle mix puppy with helicopter ears came to Wantagh, NY from Bowling Green, KY. He lost his eye at 10 weeks old when attacked by a larger dog. Otherwise he’s FINE. … Continue reading →

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