murdock8“Murdock” has been through incredible hardship during his life. He was brought to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter (TOHAS) in July of 2014 as part of a criminal proceeding against his owner, who was charged with various crimes related to animal cruelty and dog-fighting. “Murdock”, a Pit-bull, bears the scars of that life – he has lost the vision in his left eye, his teeth have been filed down, he is missing a piece of one ear, and he has the very visible scars of the abuse he endured prior to coming into the shelter system.However, “Murdock’s” cause was taken up first by the volunteers at TOHAS, and now Last Hope, as we try to find him a quiet, loving home to live out the rest of his life. He is approximately 8 years old, neutered, and up to date on all of his medicals. He recently had entropion surgery via Last Hope to ease any residual pain in his bad eye. He cannot climb many stairs and he needs to be an “only pet”, as he comes from a life where other animals invariably meant impending pain. He is a low-activity dog.

“Murdock” is extremely affectionate to his human buddies. He loves to curl up and lie next to his human, either on the couch or under a shady tree. He adores belly-rubs and is very generous with his kisses. Could you be the family for Murdock? We know this, Murdock has taught many of us what it means to be resilient and forgiving – he readily gives his trust despite all he’s been through.

“Murdock’s” Facebook page:

“Murdock’s” 8/15/15 appearance on “Pound Posse Presents”, a cable TV program broadcast from Waterbury, CT:

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