RED- male Chihuahua- Adopted

RED would love a new owner with Chihuahua Power…which is the ability to relax a frightened Chihuahua whose world has been turned upside without accidentally spoiling the dog.
Chihuahuas do best with people who know the breed & understand what makes them tick. Chihuahuas look up at us & our world from a unique vantage point.
Right now RED is a little love- only 10 pounds.
He traveled to Last Hope a week ago on a Georgia transport filled with dogs & cats. This was a scary 18 hr ordeal for such a tiny guy.
He was timid at first but has made great progress. He enjoys being carried like a baby, but still shakes a bit.
He likes small dogs his size but thinks he is Cujo with bigger dogs…which is part of his breed’s need to project a powerful persona as self-protection.
To simplify, this 2 yr old cutie will do best in a Chihuahua-experienced home, and possibly with another toy-size dog or dogs so he continues to share his peeps & his stuff.
He isn’t spoiled now. But We don’t want RED to become spoiled because someone feels sorry for him. Chihuahuas are good at taking advantage of people’s misguided good intentions. Really good.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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