Teddy- mature Beagle- Adopted

TEDDY would love to be your teddy bear Beagle. He came to Last Hope from Bowling Green, Kentucky…as yet one more abandoned Beagle..who most likely couldn’t “earn his keep” as a hunting dog.

He was a bit frightened when he first arrived, but a volunteer spent a lot of time with him, helping him settle into his new Last Hope environment that first day.

TEDDY is around 8 years old . If you asked him, he’d probably say he never wanted to be a hunting dog…He is a mellow fellow who would prefer to hang out with his people and be a snuggled softly like a teddy bear.

TEDDY looks like a sad sack Beagle..Finding a Family or Favorite Person could turn him into a much happier Hound.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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