Okay so here’s the deal. My name is Aidan and I’m only 3 years old, but everyone is feeling sorry for me and I’m not really a fan of that. Really, I’m fine! So, I may have had eye infections that went untreated so now I only have partial vision. (It’s like seeing out a dirty window – only a little blurry, I promise!) And so I may be deaf. Well, whatever. I’m fine with it. I go about my business, happy as a clam, and would rather not be felt sorry for. Seriously, it’s all I know! My eyes don’t require any special medications and my vision should not get worse with time. The most upsetting part of the whole thing is how misunderstood I am by other cats. I constantly want to play with them and make friends, but since I can’t hear their warning growls and hisses when they’ve had enough of me, there is always the inevitable swat to my head. I just don’t get it. Okay, so maybe I do play a little rough. I just crave companionship and activity! Now because of allllll of this, I need a very special home. I mean, a special cat deserves a special home, right? As much as I love other cats, living with them might not be the best thing for any of us, unless this cat looooves to play as much as I do. I’m not afraid of dogs or kids – or anything really – but we have to make sure nobody will hurt me…I mean, my lack of normal cat senses means it’s really easy for everyone to sneak up on me, as you can probably imagine. I can be pretty vocal sometimes, especially when I’m anxious over no one willing to play with me. I’m really just a happy little boy that’s a little lonely right now. Will you be my friend?

If you’re interested in adopting Aidan, please call or email Lucy. 917-494-5397


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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