Our Mission

Through its many programs, Last Hope is attempting to reduce the tremendous cat and dog overpopulation problem on Long Island, encourage responsible and affordable pet ownership, and transform the public image of the typical pound animal.

All animals in our programs are neutered before adoption so that no Last Hope animal will ever contribute to the cat and dog overpopulation problem.

We support the following programs:

  • Rescue of death-due, abandoned, and stray animals. We make trips to municipal shelters on Long Island, have a waiting list for stray cats and receive phone calls where we advise the public about the various animal problems that they are encountering.
  • Early neutering of all kittens and puppies as well as regular neutering of all adult animals adopted through our programs.
  • Feral cat trapping. Through our Fix-a-Feral Program, we make it financially feasible for the public to spay and neuter the feral cats that they are feeding. Volunteers assist the public with trapping feral cats on Long Island. Traps can also be borrowed directly from the organization with a deposit. Workshops have been held to educate the public about this ever-growing problem, and we offer demonstrations in the use of humane traps.
  • Adoption programs that seek to place the Last Hope dog or cat in caring, responsible, and financially solvent homes.
  • Community outreach and public awareness campaign to make the public knowledgeable about the cat and dog overpopulation problem and the tremendous number of unwanted animals in the shelters.

2011 marked 30 years of animal rescue for LAST HOPE!!

From a two woman team in 1981 determined to rescue pound animals from certain death, LAST HOPE has expanded into an organization of over 100 volunteers and hundreds of supporters.

Here’s how LAST HOPE has grown over the last three decades:

  • We operate separate dog and cat adoption centers, plus seven satellite cat centers inside pet food retailers.
  • Each year we place over 400 cats and nearly 100 dogs into carefully screened homes.
  • We work closely with certain Long Island’s municipal shelters and an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky.
  • We assist these shelters in trying to improve the care and adoptability of homeless pets.
  • Our public outreach includes free and low cost veterinary care as well as spay/neuter for pets whose owners show financial need.
  • We run bi-annual free mass Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) clinics so the public can spay and neuter feral cats.
  • Joining together with town shelters we offer the public free rabies vaccines and low cost microchips.
  • We hosted Long Island’s first ever “Pit Bull Predicament Symposium” at Suffolk Community College.
  • As a long time advocate for feral cats, LAST HOPE presents workshops to teach the public the basics of TNR.
  • LAST HOPE offers discounted FIX-A-FERAL certificates. In the last ten years at least 10,000 feral cats have been altered and vaccinated via LAST HOPE’s feral cat programs.
  • We opened a new Dog & Cat Adoption Center in Wantagh, leasing the first floor of the closed Bide a Wee facility.

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