Foster a cat or kitten(s) in need

Fosters neededThe purpose of our “Foster Program for Cats” is to provide a temporary loving home and family for cats and kittens from the time they enter the adoption program until they are adopted.

The foster parent is responsible for caring for the homeless cat or kitten until it is physically and socially ready to be adopted into a permanent home.  In addition to routine food, shelter, care and attention,  in many cases you will even get to name the cat/kitten(s) that you foster.

Our Foster Coordinator will provide support and assistance throughout the process and will assist with any medical concerns, scheduling for necessary medical care and finally arranging for the cat/kitten(s) to be brought into an adoption cage  until a permanent home is found.

So the question is…Is fostering for me?

Becoming a foster parent can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience.  To know that you have contributed to saving the life of a cat the otherwise may not have had a chance in the wild is a rewarding feeling that you will enjoy.  Although many underage cats are able to be raised and socialized by people and grow to be happy, healthy pets, it is imperative that each foster parent know that this is not always the case.  When you agree to foster a cat/kitten(s) ask for the history (i.e. Where are they from? Shelter rescue or stray rescue? Have they been handled by humans?).  Be certain you are able to cope with the expected challenges of the particular situation.

If the answer to the question is YES and we hope it is – Please continue below to fill out our online form.  Or, if you prefer, download the application which can be faxed to 516-468-6046 or mailed to PO Box 7025, Wantagh, NY 11783. Mark the envelope “Foster Care”. If you have further questions, please email us at


Date of birth (21 years of age minimum)
Street Address (including apt.)
City: State Zip
Phone: Home Work Cell
Driver’s license State
E-mail address

I am willing to foster the following:
Cat with kittensKittensSick cat/kittenAdult Cat
Have you ever fostered animals before? YesNo
If yes, for what organization?
If no, what experience do you have that would be helpful in fostering?
Have you ever socialized a cat/kitten? YesNo
Have you ever medicated a cat/kitten? YesNo
What type & how many animals do you currently have in your home?
Other (Describe)
Have your animals been spayed or neutered? N/AYesNo
Are they up to date on vaccinations? N/AYesNo
If cats, have they been tested NEGATIVE for FeLV/FIV? N/AYesNo
Do you let your cats outdoors? N/AYesNo
Who is your veterinarian?
His/Her city of business
Do you own your home? YesNo
If you rent:
Landlord’s name:
Phone number:
Please list the number & ages of all individuals that reside in your home.

Does anyone in your household have allergies? YesNo
Do those in your household agree with your desire to foster? YesNo
If No, explain:
Describe the area where the cat/kitten you are fostering will be kept?
How many hours a day will the cat/kitten be without adult care?
Will you be able to transport your foster to our clinic on weekdays? YesNo
Evenings and weekends? YesNo
Will you allow a Last Hope volunteer to visit the cat/kitten at your home? YesNo
References (not a relative):
1. Name: Phone:
2. Name: Phone:


As a foster parent, you will be required to keep your foster cat/kittens within an enclosed indoor area apart from your own animals at all times.
By clicking here, you acknowledge that you will abide by these provisions.

As a foster parent, I understand that anyone interested in adopting a cat/kitten (including myself) must go through the standard adoption process and that approval of applicants & placement of animals is up to Last Hope?

As a foster parent, I understand I will be responsible for the cat/kitten(s) until they are adopted. I understand the length of time they are in my care will vary. I understand that if during the time I am responsible for a foster kitty I am unable to provide care, I will inform the foster coordinator as soon as I am aware of the situation.

All new foster parents must attend a foster orientation. You will be contacted in regards to the date, time, and location of the orientation. Additionally, while you are caring for foster animals, we may call you from time to time to check on the animals’ progress and address any concerns you may have. If you have any concerns, call the foster coordinator.
By clicking here, you agree to the above statements, certify that the answers you have given above are true and that you will abide by Last Hope, Inc’s policies.


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