Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

LAST HOPE, Inc. Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

P.O. Box 7025
Wantagh, NY 11793

Phone: 631-425-1884

Last Hope, Inc. Board of Directors

Elected October 2018

Term: 3 years



Linda Stuurman

Chairman of the Board

Terri Rizzi

Vice Presidents

Letty Canals

Doreen Simonson


Phyllis Noon

Outreach Coordinator

Joanne Anderson

Members at Large

Denise McDermott

Melanie Lazarus

Victoria Perelmuter


Advisory Board

Christine Bayha, DVM

Stacy Ferrara, CAFTP, CFTBS



Last Hope Inc., a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated in 1982, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of death-due pound, stray, and abandoned animals. Our dog and cat adoption center is located at 3300 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh, New York.

Through many programs, Last Hope is attempting to reduce the cat and dog overpopulation problem on Long Island, encourage responsible and affordable pet ownership, and transform the public image of the typical pound or shelter animal.

All animals in our programs are neutered before adoption so no Last Hope animal will ever contribute to the cat and dog overpopulation problem.

We support the following programs:

  •  Rescue of death-due, abandoned, and stray animals. We visit municipal shelters on Long Island, have a waiting list for stray cats and receive phone calls where we advise the public about the various animal problems that they are encountering.
  • Rescue of dogs and cats from overcrowded Southern shelters via rescue transports with cooperation of partner shelters in Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia and Texas.
  •  Early neutering of all kittens, as well as traditional age neutering of puppies, and all adult pets adopted.
  • Feral cat trapping. Through our Fix-a-Feral Program, we make it financially feasible for the public to spay and neuter the feral cats they are feeding via discounted and free voucher programs, as well as Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) clinics open to the public. Volunteers assist the public with trapping feral cats on Long Island. Traps can also be borrowed from the organization with a refundable deposit. Workshops have been held to educate the public about this ever-growing problem, and we offer demonstrations in the use of humane traps.
  •  Adoption programs that seek to place the Last Hope dog or cat in caring, responsible, and financially solvent homes.
  • Community outreach and awareness campaign to make the public knowledgeable about the cat and dog overpopulation problem and the tremendous number of unwanted animals in the shelters.
  • Low cost rabies and other vaccine clinics open to all dog and cat owners on Long Island.
  • A financial veterinary assistance program to help dog and cat owners facing financial distress or hardship in hopes owners will be able to keep their pets rather than relinquish or euthanize them for economic reasons.

2021 Financial Statement Overview

Last Hope, Inc., Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation


Total Revenue & Support :                                                                        $ 627,097.00


Program Services: Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation                      $ 578,197.00

Management and General                                                                         $  39,002.00

Fundraising                                                                                                     $ 5,840.00   

Total Expenses:                                                                                            $ 618,848.00                                                                                                            

Change in Net Assets                                                                                  $ 28,658.00

Net Assets, beginning of 2021                                                                $ 589,091.00

Net Assets, end of 2021                                                                              $ 617,749.00                              

Download our latest IRS Form 990 here.

Our latest financial information can also be found at GuideStar



  1. Adopted 502 cats and kittens, 297 dogs and puppies.
  2. Issued over 1400 Fix-A-Feral vouchers to the public for low-cost spay-neuter.
  3. Held 6 free spay-neuter days for ferals.
  4. Received grants from the Petco Foundation, Pet Peeves Inc., Bissell Foundation, Banfield Foundation, and Lewyt Trust.
  5. Conducted 15 humane lectures and visits at local schools, Girl and Boy Scouts and local community organizations.


Agency Statistics                                             Cats            Dogs                                           

On Hand at January 1, 2022                        93              30

Intake                                                                618            313 

Adoptions                                                        584              294       

Euthanized due to illness                                6                 5

Transferred Out.                                                14                2                                          

On hand at December 31, 2022                      82               38                                                                    


LAST HOPE, INC. is tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our tax ID number is 11-2618189.




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