BLAKE — Adopted!

BLAKE was born outside in July, 2017, seemingly an “only kitten”, as he was found with his mom but no other little guys and/or girls.  It would have been such a sad and dangerous life for him if a wonderful human hadn’t seen his plight, swooped him up and got him into the Last Hope program.  This exceptionally handsome little tabby had lots of attention from his foster mom while he was getting his veterinary needs seen to and learning what it’s like to be in a warm and comfortable place.  Then he came to PetSmart, Huntington. Blake is an all-around perfect kitten:  Handsome with his dark tabby stripes, loving and cuddly, playful and friendly.   His life is so wonderful now, compared to the time before he was rescued.  What would make it even more wonderful, though, is a loving forever home with a human family!


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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