DOLLY- Siamese mix-Adopted

DOLLY is a Special Kitten
With a Capital “S”.

Usually such a gorgeous Siamese mix kitten would fly out our “adoption” door. Not DEAR DOLLY.
DOLLY belonged to a litter rescued from a Hempstead house known for neglect and rampant cat breeding.
By the time she was taken away., she was the runt of the litter and had a severe eye infection, possible eye adhesions and needed entropion repair (eyelashes grow inward and constantly irritate the eye).
The race was on to save her vision and her physical eyes. But it was too late. She was rushed from our vet to a specialist and wound up having Both eyes enucleated (surgically removed).
Besides her blindness, DOLLY tested FIV positive on the first and second test. FIV is not a death sentence, many indoor cats live long, full lives with FIV. However, the diagnosis is an adoption deterrent…so DOLLY waits in her foster home at 6 months old to be noticed.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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