Lance – ADOPTED!

Sorry, this is not my best picture with my eyes closed!  Still, you can see what a beautiful little guy I am with my orange tabby coloring and long fur.  My name is Lance and I am here with my brother, Perry.  Our estimated date of birth is 3/5/12.  We are both very sweet, friendly, and mellow.  You would never know it from looking at this picture of me, but it was taken right next to a group of barking dogs and puppies that were also trying to find their forever homes!  Well, if that does not show you what a mellow guy I am, I don’t know what does!  And, I guess it is safe to say, that I will probably get along just fine with a dog, too.  Anyway, my brother and I were very fortunate to be taken in by a kind family who cared for us and our friendly mama (a backyard stray), then got us into Last Hope and kept our mama (who is now spayed).  Now all we need is to find that Forever Home that all the volunteers keep talking about.  Please stop by and see if you and I are a match!


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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