MIA — Adopted!

Adorable Mia and her brother, Marley, were born outside toward the end of July, 2017.  Their lives from that time on would have been difficult and sad  but, happily, they were rescued by a kind human and became part of the Last Hope program.

Soon, they were in the warm home of their foster mom, who says they’re two of the sweetest kittens she has ever known.  And they’re undeniably cute!

 Now they’re at PetSmart, Huntington, looking forward so eagerly to having a warm and loving forever home!  Although it would be wonderful if they were adopted together, it’s also possible for them to go to separate homes.   Perhaps YOU have just the home for one, or both, of these cuties!  Stop by for a visit with them and see for yourself!


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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