MUTT & JEFF — Adopted!

2 Extraordinary Kittens Make Adoption Debut Today at Petsmart Huntington.

MUTT & JEFF are the kittens rescued as tiny infants by GINGER our Hero Dog and were bottle fed for weeks.

GINGER found the stranded, crying kittens in the back of her Copiague yard which adjoins a wooded lot and carried them into her house where she tried to mother them.

MUTT & JEFF have been in foster care with other cats & big dogs since August. At first they had a gray mantle over their black coats.

As tiny tots, the brothers were very active & inquisitive..they kept NATASHA their Irish Wolfhound nanny busy chasing after them & would fall asleep in open pocket books, hats & other hidden places making it a game to find them.

MUTT & JEFF are super sweet & affectionate. They get along great with cats, dogs, kids …Everyone.

We would LOVE to see these boys embraced quickly as cherished feline members of a family.

Meet MUTT & JEFF at Petsmart Huntington starting later today.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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