PEANUT says:  My brother, Sprout, and I are lucky kittens!  We were born outside around 9/20/18 and were rescued when we were only about six weeks old, then we went to our foster’s comfy home to get ready to find our forever homes.  I’m a bit embarrassed by my photo which makes me look angry but the photographer told me that everyone likes it because it shows what a handsome guy I am, especially with that cute white tip on my tail.  So it’s ok with me now.  I love all the attention that I’m getting here at PetSmart, Huntington but what I’d really like is a home of my own with a loving family.  It would be wonderful to be with my brother but we would also be fine going to two forever homes.  How about stopping by to have a little chat and playtime with us?  And to see that cute white tip on my tail, too!


Come visit me at the PetSmart in Huntington Station, New York.

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