RAMONA- Feist mix- Adopted

She was a stray at Daviess County Shelter in KY. Feists are small Southern hunting dogs descended from smooth Terriers brought to the region long ago by English miners.

Meet RAMONA the Feist….

RAMONA is a 7 -10 month old puppy with ears & the agile ease of a bunny rabbit.

She knows SIT, and should be good with kids and other dogs.

Feists are smart, athletic, lovable and long-lived.

They adore people….but not squirrels or rats.

RAMONA has the makings of such a Feist & such a Family Dog.

She is just about full grown.

Today’s Linguistic Mystery…and we don’t know the answer:

“Which word came first- “Feist” or “feisty”?


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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