RHODAN- Adopted

RHODAN is one of our “R” Kittens from Ardsley, NY.
A Handsome Barbershop Quartet of Boys-
He’s  4 months old with fancy ear tufts and a medium long-haired coat.
His face is so pretty…too pretty which is why he came to Last Hope with the name RHODA…but he’s a boy.
He moved to Petsmart Bellmore with his orange tabby brother REGINALD.
Wait- Ardsley, you ask?
Ardsley is in Westchester..and the “R” Kittens’ rescuer Ally G. was very helpful in the 51 day successful search for Veronica, our kitten missing in nearby Tarrytown.
Rescue is all about Working Together.
Which is why these 4 fellas are now at Last Hope in Wantagh.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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