Sariah- Adopted

20160905008, Sariah

is so deserving of a Forever Home…

She’s suffered through so much
in her young life.
And made it because she had so many caring friends like You.
She hopes her friends will spread
the word for her once again.

SARIAH came to Last Hope as a kitten. She didn’t thrive as well as her litter mates.
After exams & diagnostics, we learned she was born with a liver shunt that needed complex surgical repair by a veterinary specialist.

SARIAH recovered fully but it took over 6 months until she was adopted.
Months later we learned she was lost, and then found days later after being hit by a car.
Her adopters didn’t want her any more.

She needed orthopedic surgery this time to repair her shattered leg.
You helped that happen too.
A long recovery in foster.
Physical therapy at the specialty clinic.
Plus love and reassurance that life for her would be safe & OK.

SARIAH’s doing so well now in her foster home.
She is ready to “step out” into a Forever & Ever home.

Contact Last Hope if you would like to meet SARIAH.



I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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