Bandit & Little Lady are our April Pets of the Month

Occasionally we hear stories about a pet owner who passes away and their pets are left behind in the bewildered care of a friend or family member because they never really put any thought into who will take care of them when they go. Sadly, often these friends and family will just dump the cats or dogs off at the local shelter and never look back. This is so heartbreaking to hear for many reasons most of which is that the pets feelings are often over looked. They mourn too, just like people, as the bond between owners and their pets can be very strong. Then there are the owners who do think about it and actually plan for when they are no longer around to care for their pets….Meet Bandit and Little Lady.

BanditClick here to learn more about Bandit

Little Lady

Click here to learn more about Little Lady

Once upon a time Bandit, Little Lady and Katie (not pictured) were adopted from Last Hope by a wonderful woman who cherished them and gave them a beautiful life filled with love. Tragically, Nancy, their owner died recently and now they are without their loving “Mom”. While we have taken them back into our program, Bandit and Little Lady are currently residing with a “Foster Mom”. They are sad and confused by all the recent changes to their lives…Anyone that knows cats, knows that they are creatures of habit and now their routine has been disrupted…add that to the fact that both Bandit & Lady are seniors at 15 years old and have some health issues but they are being managed quite well and plans have been made for their continued medical care. Katie is the youngster at 7 and will soon be at our PetSmart satellite location where she too is looking for a forever home.

You see at the end of the day, all they long for in their late years is the comfort of a lap, some gentle stroking of their fur and to be loved once more. Please click the links below to learn more about the heartbreaking story of Bandit and Little Lady. Share their story with your friends and help us to find them a forever home.

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