GRACIE- Border Collie mix with Aussie stub tail-Adopted

GRACIE is AMAZING! As soon as this 1.5 yr old Border Collie mix with an Aussie stub tail arrived on a Kentucky shelter transport, she began showing off her repertoire of tricks. We discovered GRACIE knows SIT, DOWN, STAY, PRETTY…Someone … Continue reading →

HALLE BERRY- female Pit mix-Adopted

HALLE BERRY embodies the resilience and forgiveness that great dogs can exhibit after being victims of cruelty. This approximately 8-year-old Pit mix was confined outdoors and used to produce many litters, alongside 5 other females weathering the same  predicament. HALLE … Continue reading →

BUELLA- female Beagle -Has Foster to Adopt Home

  BUELLA- a Tiny Beagle Discarded in Georgia because “She Didn’t Hunt”- Needs a Foster-to-Adopt Home  The Only Hunting She will be doing at Last Hope will be her Search for that Loving Foster-to-Adopt Home. BUELLA (& RAMBO, also a … Continue reading →

Eliza- Adopted

ELIZA’S 1st Birthday was in May. She didn’t receive a  FOREVER HOME- the Birthday gift of her dreams. She was trapped in Syosset at 8 months old with her sister. They were already spayed & ear-tipped which means someone else TNRed … Continue reading →


Be an Angel & Adopt ANGEL… Presently ANGEL is in foster care due to the pandemic lock down, but Last Hope would LOVE to see ANGEL in a FOREVER HOME soon.  She is a pretty 8 month old tuxedo who … Continue reading →


CLARA- Her Story Needs to be Shared!  Beautiful Clara is one of our overlooked darlings. Please come meet her. Adult cats make the best companions. The name Clara means clear, bright and famous in Latin. BUT, our Clara’s life has … Continue reading →


A poor attempt at poetry: ADA… We “spayed her”. She’s gorgeous. She’s sweet. No one’s adopted her. What’s the matter? Since 11 weeks old, ADA’s a Last Hope kitten, She’s 7 months now. And no one is smitten?? Why? Meet … Continue reading →


Meet MICHELLE….. MICHELLE is a uniquely marked tortie kitten who was trapped at Green Acres Shopping Center in Valley Stream when 6 weeks old. She just turned 4 months old. Her 2 siblings have already been chosen by adopters. She … Continue reading →

MUSHY- female Pit mix-Adopted

MUSHY comes from a LI town shelter where she earned her new name. She looks as if she’s had at least one litter despite being only 2. She’s 52 lb, gray brindle & was treated for neglected skin at the … Continue reading →

AUDREY- Miniature Pinscher mix-Adopted

AUDREY is Adorable. She looks like a Min Pin mix- sweet & petite, even though she was listed as a Beagle/Shepherd pup at her Virginia sending shelter. AUDREY is much smaller than a Shepherd mix. She is about 2 years old, very … Continue reading →


CASSIDY was born at the end of April 2017 in a Hempstead area with lots of feral cats. Fortunately a kind trapper removed him from this difficult life. He became her Last Hope foster at 11 weeks old. This tabby … Continue reading →


Kerry is a lucky girl!  She was born in a feral colony in July, 2016 and, if she hadn’t been rescued by a kind person, she would never have had the chance to find a loving forever home.  Thankfully, she … Continue reading →

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