HONEY- young, female golden Lab mix-ADOPTED

?HONEY Deserves Better- Much Better ?
HONEY a 1 yr old Golden Lab first came to Last Hope from Georgia in Nov. 2021 when her family was evicted.
At 10 months old, she was impounded after the court notified the shelter that this darling dog was left behind when the people left. She is a gentle pup with the softest temperament- dog & cat friendly too.
At Last Hope, HONEY was adopted that month by a young couple with a fine application who had a cat too. They loved her, we thought.
Recently, Last Hope learned both husband & wife enlisted in military service. The husband was Assured Last Hope would take HONEY back,. and also that we would take the cat MARSHA even though she was not adopted from Last Hope.
Lo & Behold on a Friday night Last Hope noticed on FB both HONEY & the cat had been surrendered to Islip Town Shelter. Why??
Last Hope spent much of that Saturday morning trying to convince ISLIP Town Shelter to return our rescue transport dog HONEY to Last Hope. Unlike all the other LI municipal shelters, ISLIP was less than cooperative ( understatement).
After all sorts of excuses, ISLIP finally agreed to give us HONEY , as long as we took the cat too- which was always our plan, and a no-brainer..
HONEY is playful, delightful, full of energy & unscarred by her latest ordeal. BUT she deserves better- much better. She deserves permanence in her adoption commitment.
The poor cat is still decompressing.
Meet HONEY at Last Hope any day from 10 to 7 pm but be wearing a face mask.

I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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