Will YOU Be a Secret Santa for Coonhounds Red and Lucky?

Will YOU Be a Secret Santa for Coonhounds RED and LUCKY??

They DESPERATELY need your Help. RED a Redbone Coonhound and LUCKY a not-so- lucky Bluetick Coonhound were  found in terrible condition.  These 2 year old Hounds were discovered unattended in a shed on property in Manorville. They were barely fed, malnourished and not socialized. No one knows how long they had been neglected.

Their owner was tracked down. When he heard his Hounds were going to be seized, he surrendered them both to Town of Brookhaven Shelter. The Hounds were terrified there.  They had virtually no exposure to the world outside that shed, and now they were in a huge facility, crowded with over 100 barking dogs. They shut down and cowered. Their fear made them unadoptable.

Despite progress at the Connecticut training facility, the Coonhounds will require more time there to overcome their past trauma. Boarding and training are costly.  Your donations as their Secret Santa will support RED and LUCKY’s continued rehabilitation.

Please support these mistreated Coonhounds by making a donation of any amount $ with the Paypal/Credit Card link below…Or by mailing a check to Last Hope Inc., PO Box 7025, Wantagh, NY 11793. Please write “Secret Santa for RED & LUCKY” on the check or envelope.


Happy Holidays…YOUR contribution will make the Coonhounds’ Holidays & Future brighter.

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