Alexander arrived at Last Hope quite a bit differently than our other cats: he was left in a diaper box that was taped shut.

Alex is approximately 11-12 years old. He can definitely be a handful at times.  He has his favorites among the volunteers; quite a few can pet him on the head but only one person can pick him up and carry him around. There are others who may get swat of disapproval if they try to pet him without getting “invited” so to speak. He needs a very cat savvy adopter who has a quiet, stable home with no intentions of moving in the near future. Alex does not like changes to his routine. He needs that special person who would simply allow him to be who he is without expectations of turning him into a cuddly, lap cat. Alex enjoys company on his own terms and lets you know when he has had enough. You need to be able to read his cues if you want to avoid getting whacked. Alex enjoys looking at birds from a soft bed near a sunny window and stealing food from other Last hope cats’ bowls. Alex needs someone who would be willing to make repeated visits to Last Hope to make him feel comfortable before considering taking him home. Someone who is willing to be patient with him once he gets home to give him time and space to adjust to new surroundings. Alexander deserves to have a quiet retirement home of his own after so many years without one. Lately, as he has aged, there seems to be a bit of sadness in his eyes, perhaps he noticed  all the other cats leaving?

Please contact us if you’d like more information about Alex! You just might be the one he has been waiting for all these years!


Come visit me at the Adoption Center in Wantagh, New York.

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