Brownie -Shepherd mix

This big guy Shepherd mix was adopted from Babylon Shelter by a devoted man when he was a pup about a year old. They lived together almost 7 years, taking long walks each day because the man didn’t have a fenced yard.
BROWNIE and his owner had a deep bond, so deep that when the man died unexpectedly last month he stayed by his late owner’s side even though the door was wide open.
The family brought BROWNIE to the shelter. He likes other dogs and as unofficial mayor expected all the dogs to like him as he walked down the kennel aisle. He thought cats should like him too but was in for a shock when 2 shelter cats hissed at him.
BROWNIE sits, gives his paw and can catch a treat when tossed in the air. He’s a good –
natured big guy who deserves a special person (or persons) ┬áto bond with for the rest of his life. Brownie needs an adult home. He’s moved to Last Hope so we could put the spotlight on him.



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