“Elise”- Feist-ADOPTED!

“Elise”a little Feist came to Last Hope last night from STAR in Kentucky.
She is one of 20 mistreated dogs stuffed in a car trunk.. Hard to believe when you see how happy and outgoing she is now.
See message below from Aunt Jackie Matthews who delivered her to Last Hope, and then the link to the arrest of her cruel owner. Word has it, he planned to sell the dogs to get drug money . While waiting for customers, his dogs were chained in his yard with little food, water or shelter.
“Last Hope also took Elise- one of the trunk dogs. She was quite happy to be on Long Island! I told Elise it wouldn’t be long before a family came and scooped her up. 13 dogs/puppies went to rescues today — some to NJ, some to CT and some to LI!!! All of them will get great homes with people who value them!”

eliseelise flowers

Now the news story on the creep who stuffed 20 dogs in his trunk:


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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