Fernando- Lab/Schnauzer Pup-Adopted


Friendly FERNANDO a Fine Fit for your Family?

FERNANDO is a Lab mix pup with Schnauzer whiskers just about a year old. He moved to Last Hope from Hempstead Town Shelter.

He’s a leggy fellow with a pure puppy persona..( oops..dogs do not have personas.)

He embraces life..carries more than one toy at a time ….goes from person to person…leaning up against each for petting.

FERNANDO gets the puppy zoomies
because there is so much he wants to do,
so many people who want to pet him,
so many toys to play with
but not enough time in his busy puppy schedule.

This enthusiastic Lab/Schnauzer will respond well to training, consistency, love & attention.

He needs someone to embrace him & teach him how to be the Best Dog He Can Be.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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