Francesca- Collie mix- Adopted

is an amiable Collie mix around 7 yrs old who found herself at Hempstead Town Shelter….
……but not for long.

Glowing reports about FRANCESCA came to Last Hope from some of our volunteers who also volunteer at Hempstead Shelter next door.

LI town shelters must take in all stray dogs by NYS law- a very difficult task- whereas Last Hope is a private rescue and can decide which dogs we want to take.

After meeting our dog coordinator, FRANCESCA made the “strategic” walk
to Last Hope…
where she is now one of no more than 20 dogs rather than one of over 100 dogs
waiting to be chosen for a FOREVER HOME.

Her mathematical odds just improved..

Someone must have loved her once.
Now to find someone to love & cherish FRANCESCA from this day on.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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