Henry: From Victim to Visitor

“Henry” a young, 3-legged Redbone Coonhound came to Last Hope after being hit by a car in front of a Kentucky firehouse on Christmas Eve 2014. His rear leg was too mangled to save so it was amputated. “Henry” took this surgery “in stride” and remained a loving & adjusted fellow. He was adopted by Caryn Barry who brought him to work with her at a grooming shop. She had dreams of turning “Henry” into a therapy dogs for wounded veterans. Right now “Henry” is visiting residents at East Neck Nursing Home in W. Babylon each Monday while wearing his purple no-slip booties and a matching Emotional Assistance dog harness. He has many fans, and one of his best friends is a 107 year old lady who is missing a leg just like “Henry”. They both sense they have something important in common. We are so proud of “Henry” showing seniors how well he’s adjusted to have  a Read the full story about “Henry” in the Babylon Beacon column link below:


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