Lexi- female Pit mix-ADOPTED


LEXI is Loving…
though her life has been topsy-turvy .

Last week Last Hope volunteers met her when they went to Brookhaven Town Shelter for a feral cat TNR meeting. ( We are easily side-tracked.)

This good girl is looking for the love of a lifetime.

Details are vague. We were told her original owner went to jail, and she was found tethered in a yard.

His brother came to redeem or adopt her, and the shelter even spayed her..which, besides keeping her from having any more litters, would result in lower fees to “spring her” but he never came back for her.

LEXI has had a rough time being shuffled from one owner to the next, getting attached only to be ripped away and re-homed due to the humans that committed to her and fell short.

Amazingly she still seeks love and attention and is ready to be your best friend.

We are hoping to find her the forever home she deserves.

LEXI loves walks and to cuddle up next to you.

She is housebroken, knows Sit, Stay, Let’s Go.

She takes treats gently. LEXI is about 65 pounds, estimated to be about 5 to 7 years young.

Her giant smile will captivate you.


I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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