OTIS- male blue-eyed small Hound mix- Foster-to-Adopt

OTIS Is a Dog to NOTICE- A Treasure.

He is the Epitome of a Family Dog.
He came to Last Hope from our partner Bowling Green in KY but not in a direct way. OTIS went to a NYC rescue first but was not comfortable as a city dog.

More from his foster at Muddy Paws the NYC rescue who transported OTIS from KY:

“OTIS is house trained, perfectly crate trained, quiet, amazing with other dogs (he lived with 8 others in Kentucky, all 8 which have been adopted already), and is perfect with cats (I have 2 -he politely said hi to and then ignored).

He is great with kids. He is 40 lbs but looks closer to 30, and he did great in the car today (which he was in for 2 hours total).”

Now from OTIS himself:

“My name is OTIS . I am almost 2 yrs old and I’ve had quite the journey to get to where I am now. I am originally from Bowling Green Humane Society in Kentucky, where I found myself as an owner surrender along with 8 other pups.

Our owner was moving and had to rehome us, but we stuck together and were all sent to a rescue in New York City, which you’ll come to know was not my favorite place.

You see, I’m just more of a peace and quiet, country house kind of guy, and I really enjoy the great outdoors when I’m surrounded by green grass, trees, and maybe even a canine friend or 2.

When I came to NYC with Muddy Paws Rescue, I just couldn’t bring myself to walk down the bustling streets. So I was fostered first in Brooklyn, which they say is a bit quieter, but let me tell you- it was no place like home.

Everyone thought I needed more time, and my foster mom did just about everything to get me comfortable with “city life”.

Well, I did my best. I was happiest when they walked me at midnight when no other people were around, and my foster mom even saw my tail wag when we came back indoors.

There was nothing like fresh air, and the quiet was nice at that time of day. A couple weeks went by and the team at Muddy Paws had a foster open in New Jersey. It still wasn’t ideal- Hoboken is basically a mini city, and I had a hard time re-adjusting and getting used to that neighborhood. I was really just missing all the grass!

The best part of Hoboken was my foster brother. You see, I realllly love other dogs. I’m a dog-dog and a people-dog, and being around dogs of any size just make me happy.

But with all that said, even having a confident little city dog of a brother didn’t make the city any easier for me.

It was around this time Muddy Paws looked at other options and determined I needed an adopter out of the city, though that really wasn’t their market.

That’s where Last Hope came into play! My third foster mom brought me to the suburbs of Staten Island, and boy did my true personality shine!!

It was settled, we needed to get me to a place where I could find a permanent home out of the city, and I heard of a magical place -Last Hope- I’d be going to called Long Island.

Apparently there’s a lot of grass there, so I didn’t mind taking the drive to see what was in store for me.

Anywho, in the short time I was in the suburbs, my foster mom saw how happy I was to see grass again, to run off leash in a yard, and the cherry on top that really made my tail wag was having a canine sister. She was giant, but boy did I love her.

My foster mom also saw that I am really fond of cats, kids, you name it. I’m an easy going guy, and I am really happy- as long as I have some grass.”

Please note :OTIS may take a few minutes to bond in a stimulating environment, but once he’s comfortable he will give hugs and be your little shadow.

He is also food motivated and LOOOOVES peanut butter, so that helps too!



I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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