Rockwell- Dachshund/Beagle


He’s not a physical masterpiece of Americana as his namesake often painted.
Instead , he’s a tiny Beagle /Dachshund born with several facial defects…
His bottom jaw is too short lacking any teeth on the bottom & has only a few teeth on the top .
He has 2 cherry eyes, repaired, but looking painful now .
Despite his deformed face, ROCKWELL wags his tail and snuggles with his new Last Hope friends. We are pursuing additional veterinary opinions and complex surgical repair for our ROCKWELL, an adorable masterpiece in spirit….

This cutie was found as a stray in Kentucky. He is under a year old, 10 pounds,   He eats wet food  with his cone on and zooms around the Last Hope play yard-even up and over the A-Frame.

Right now our doctor wants his eye surgery to heal before we take him to a dental specialist where he may need extractions before more teeth crowd his tiny mouth.

ROCKWELL is a delight…a tiny treasure…


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