Rocky: Forever In Our Hearts

rocky mem4 Rocky: Forever In Our Hearts

On Saturday, March 28, about 50 people gathered at Last Hope to memorialize “Rocky” our long-time resident Chow who succumbed with little warning to advanced cancer in January. He had come to Last Hope 10 months before when his beloved owner passed away, after he was returned to the town shelter where he was adopted as a youngster. “Rocky” had a large, extended family at Last Hope.

Below is the poem by Phyllis Noon, Last Hope volunteer, read at “Rocky’s” memorial today 3/28:

“Rocky’s Farewell”
You started out in a shelter where you had some strife
You were adopted and thought you would have a companion for life
You had eight wonderful years with this man
Only to have you go back to the shelter again
A light shined on you one more time as you tried to cope
You were lucky and found yourself at Last Hope
There you would find many who showed you love
They would put you up front and above
In these last few months you were given a home
You couldn’t stay for long thru no fault of your own
You had your favorites amongst our volunteers
You knew who those special ones were and who brought you cheer
Maybe it was meant to be that you would return to your large family
So that your last days would be with us happily
Rocky you will always be remembered and in our hearts
We bid you farewell as we now have to part.

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