Rutley- Cattle Dog mix

“Rutley” is an undiscovered treasure of a dog- about 3 years old and weighing 34 pounds. He comes to us as a shelter rescue by STAR in Kentucky but “Rutley” also spent several months in a Kentucky foster home. Here is what his foster Mom Jan has to say about him: “Thank you for saving Rutley! He had been at shelter for months so I brought BoBo and him home with me Christmas Eve for “a few days”.  Well, they remained with me until this morning.  Rutley, affectionately referred to as “Rut-Ro” has bonded with me as my little buddy.  He is a little shy but wanted to stay in house as much as possible and slept in my bedroom on dog bed.  He is submissive with other dogs and nervous about quick sudden movements, loud noises and gun shots.  He has held his urine 12 hours before at night.  I don’t have carpet, but appears housebroken in my house.  I had a doggie door he would use also.  He also “smiles” but I was never able to capture photo of him showing his teeth in a smile.  It may take him a little while to warm up to a new person. He was a good dog about 35# and hope he finds the perfect situation.  If for some reason a good match can not be found, I will take him back 🙂   Don’t know why it has taken so long to place Rutley but fingers crossed for his forever family to love him even more than me!”



I've found my forever home! Thank you!

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