Sheila- Mountain Cur


**SHEILA, a Mountain Cur from KY Shows a Sad Slice of Americana.**
She was discarded while nursing 9 puppies.
(A Mountain Cur is a regional variety of Southern dog. The name has such demeaning connotations.)
SHEILA did a great job, despite poor nutrition & fending for herself. She’s drained now-still passing worms, and her hair pulls out with soft tugs.
Her pups went to a humane society in a Southern city, but Mom stood little chance of being adopted there b/c she’s timid, and unaccustomed to kindness from people. (Her dark pups are visible in 1 photo.)

STAR saved SHEILA & transported her to Last Hope on LI this weekend. She’s frightened in the kennel but on her first day showed her sweetness outdoors in our yard. She discovered how great petting feels especially around her ears; takes treats, if tossed from a safe distance…and HUGE BREAKTHROUGH- SHEILA enjoys BELLY RUBS.
Best RX for SHEILA will be unlimited TLC from the 250+ dog volunteers at Last Hope.


Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

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