DUCK- Pointer/Hound Pup

DUCK is a handsome Hound/Pointer pup,
tall & leggy, a year old. He says:
“I’m still a DUCKLING dog.
I have a tad more growing to do.”
He’s quite friendly too, but has lots of puppy energy.

DUCK gets along well with other dogs but cannot be in a home with cats.

He is doing well with consistent training at Last Hope, He loves supervised play groups with other dogs. Recently DUCK attended a weekend training seminar in Maryland with our trainer and a Last Hope volunteer.

He is a big boy and needs a dog savvy owner who will be consistent with DUCK.
He’s hoping for a new home
and a new name.


Come visit me at the Dog Adoption Center.

For more information on adoption, please fill out the attached form below:

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