A poor attempt at poetry: ADA… We “spayed her”. She’s gorgeous. She’s sweet. No one’s adopted her. What’s the matter? Since 11 weeks old, ADA’s a Last Hope kitten, She’s 7 months now. And no one is smitten?? Why? Meet … Continue reading →


Meet MICHELLE….. MICHELLE is a uniquely marked tortie kitten who was trapped at Green Acres Shopping Center in Valley Stream when 6 weeks old. She just turned 4 months old. Her 2 siblings have already been chosen by adopters. She … Continue reading →

MUSHY- female Pit mix-Adopted

MUSHY comes from a LI town shelter where she earned her new name. She looks as if she’s had at least one litter despite being only 2. She’s 52 lb, gray brindle & was treated for neglected skin at the … Continue reading →

AUDREY- Miniature Pinscher mix-Adopted

AUDREY is Adorable. She looks like a Min Pin mix- sweet & petite, even though she was listed as a Beagle/Shepherd pup at her Virginia sending shelter. AUDREY is much smaller than a Shepherd mix. She is about 2 years old, very … Continue reading →


CASSIDY was born at the end of April 2017 in a Hempstead area with lots of feral cats. Fortunately a kind trapper removed him from this difficult life. He became her Last Hope foster at 11 weeks old. This tabby … Continue reading →


Kerry is a lucky girl!  She was born in a feral colony in July, 2016 and, if she hadn’t been rescued by a kind person, she would never have had the chance to find a loving forever home.  Thankfully, she … Continue reading →

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